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Church Leadership
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Sandra V. Hadland

Sandra V. Hadland

Assistant to the Pastor

Sandra V. Hadland was born in Nassau, Bahamas.  In 1996 she migrated to the United States of America.  She is the mother of three sons Sidney, Julian and Robert, and has nine grand children and one great grandchild.  

Ms Hadland received her early education in the public school system of Nassau, Bahamas, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree (Cum Laude) in Religious Studies and Theology with a Minor in Psychology from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT.   She also earned a Masters Degree in Theology and Ethics from the Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT.  Ms Hadland is a member of the Theta Alpha Kappa National Honor Society for Religious Studies/Theology, and is the recipient of several motivational awards from Dale Carnegie.  

For the past eleven years, Ms. Hadland, until recently, was employed with Sarah Inc., a nonprofit agency committed to providing advocacy, service and support to persons with developmental disabilities.  During this tenure, she assisted in the development and coordination of educational tools, personal support, specific protocols, and in various other areas as needed. 

Ms. Hadland has been a disciple and Associate Minister of the First Baptist Church of Stratford in Stratford, Connecticut, for over twenty years.  She has taught Sunday school for teens and young adults and for nine years served as Chairperson for the Worship Ministry from its inception in 2006.  Serving in this capacity, under the leadership of Pastor Sutton, she was challenged to lead the ministry in a way that would create and enhance opportunities to experience God through congregational worship in a sacred place.  As a result, several new worship services have been instituted, new fellowships experienced and instructional literature was introduced.  Further, under the leadership of Pastor Sutton, she was charged with revitalizing the Ministry of Christian Education which she served for the past four years as Chair and boasts of its successful and vibrant upgraded, mission driven Vacation Bible School and other developments.  Additionally, she continues to serve in the capacities of preaching, teaching and facilitating various spiritual developmental services such as prayer vigils, New Disciple classes and other activities delegated by the pastor.  Continuing her God centered calling, initiated in the Bahamas, she continues to mentor both the young and the elderly in workshop settings both in the church and surrounding communities. 

Beginning January 1, 2017 Ms. Hadland joined the pastoral staff of The First Baptist Church of Stratford in Stratford CT as Assistant Pastor.  First Baptist Church of Stratford is a dynamic integrated congregation of approximately 900 disciples (and growing), with The Reverend Dr. William B. Sutton III serving as Senior Pastor. She is also involved in a number of roles at the American Baptist Churches of Connecticut (ABCCONN), inclusive of, but not limited to ABCCONN’s Executive Committee, Board of Managers, and serves as Chair of ABCCONN’s Department of Mission and Stewardship.  Ms. Hadland is one of three persons representing ABCCONN in a much wider context of the five regions of the American Baptist Churches better known as the New England Collaborative, covering the New England territory.  In addition she serves on the Board of Directors of Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven (NHS), a service oriented, and nonprofit agency dedicated to the restoration of blighted houses in distressed areas in New Haven and surrounding areas. 

Over the years, Ms. Hadland’s passion has been intentionally committed to Christ centered service, with the intent of evoking an insatiable hunger and thirst for Christ by generating enthusiasm that will become contagious to incite the downtrodden, and despondent to vision, will and action.   One does not have to look far to see that adults, young adults, and children of all walks of life are in need of guidance, encouragement and hope in order to be over comers.  It is out of the experiences of ministry and life’s daily encounters, coupled with a dynamic radical passion to help others that Ms. Hadland, in order to radically facilitate spiritual growth, is committed to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, building bridges wherever she is planted regardless of whether it is within the four walls of a church building, the workplace or society at large.  Ms Hadland is passionate about, and answered the call to “Here am I.  Send me!” Isaiah 6:8.

This is her story and her legacy. She is receptive and committed to building one life, one person at a time!

Christian Education
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