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Church Leadership
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Reverend Edith Gibson Rodgers

Associate Ministers

Reverend Edith Rodgers was born in Bridgeport Connecticut. She is a graduate of Prospect Grammar School and Bassick High School in Bridgeport.

In 1968, Edith’s academic journey began (after four years) when she received an Associate's degree in Humanities Studies at Housatonic Community College. She graduated from the University of Bridgeport School of nursing in 1974, receiving a diploma and Associate's degree in nursing. In 1985, she graduated from the University of Bridgeport, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Gerontology.

In 1982, employed at Fairfield Hills Hospital as a psychiatric nurse clinician, in conjunction with her continuous series of nursing leadership education, Edith received two certifications, completing ongoing educational programs in alcoholism, teaching individual and group counseling, grief, depression, and suicidal interventions from the University of Connecticut Health Center department of Psychiatry in Meriden, CT. She also, for five years, taught the physical and psychological adverse effects of alcohol and drugs upon the human anatomy. In conjunction with facilitating individual and group counseling.

After 35 years at Fairfield Hills Hospital, Edith retired from her position as supervisor/ acting director of nursing. Continuing her advancement in religious studies, soon after, she entered into Foundation Bible Institute ( licensed and under the auspices of Vision International University) receiving an associate’s degree in biblical studies (receiving George M. Meltzer honorary award from 1994-1995), following year, receiving a diploma in ministerial advancement in biblical studies, (receiving Doctor Edgar Lashley honorary award from 1995-1996), and after five years at Foundation Bible Institute, she graduated as valedictorian of her graduating class for her honorary achievements  (1998) with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology (again, receiving the George M. Meltzer honorary award 1997-1998). Edith entered into Hartford Seminary, and after four years of study; she graduated with a Master’s of Arts degree in Spirituality, receiving a diploma of certification in Women’s Spiritual Leadership (receiving a certificate “Women’s Leadership Institute class of 2002). She also received a significant ministry award “James N. Getteny ministry award” (“For her faithful stewardship mission in the wider world and living of informed faith in her life and work”).  The inception of this ministry, which began in (1974), is still ongoing today. In addition, on July 15, 1997, received a “Woman of Substance community award by Rosa L. DeLauro, United States House of Representative for the state of CT for spiritual service and community and abroad (which is ongoing today). Received Vip recognition award from department of corrections for volunteer service (five years).

Subsequently, between October 15th, 2002-April 25th, 2003, she received certification for completing clinical pastoral education from Yale New Haven Hospital department of Religious Ministries.


Positions (Church)

-1995, received a certificate of license to minister the gospel.

-1996, participated in First Baptist Church pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Egypt.

            -To enhance spiritual awareness by experiencing the roots that were brought to life.

-1997, ordained Associate Minister of First Baptist Church of Stratford.

-1994 to 2004, Co-teacher of vacation bible school in conjunction with young adults
sunday school class.

- 1995 to present, facilitator of chapel service along with the missionary ministry within our community at large.

-1980 to present, assisted in church and community prayer vigil.

            - At present, facilitator of home and community prayer vigil for the elderly and disabled.

- Former president of the Senior Missionaries (2 years).

- Former assistant Superintendent of Sunday School ( 3 years).

-Teacher of adult bible class on Tuesday during the day ( 3 years).

- Agape Food Pantry (6 years).

- Committees served on:

-  Assisted in coordinating and organizing outreach community mission at large.

            - Assisted in organizing prayer groups within the church, home and communities.

            -Assisted with spiritual retreats.

- Organized “Your Body's a Temple of God” (Health Care), this was an addition to adult bible class.

            - Assistant teacher of substance abuse (counseling).


- Associate Minister of First Baptist Church.

- Chairperson of Consolation Ministry and Seasoned Saints Ministry.

-  Disciple of Pastor’s Aid Ministry, Health Care Awareness Ministry, Prison Outreach Ministry.

- Seasoned Saints teacher of Seasoned Saints Sunday school class.

Positions (Community)

- Served on the Mental Health Consultant team for the preliminary opening of the Bridgeport Mental Health Center.

- Mental Health recruiter for the State of Connecticut and also served throughout the United States.

- Member of the National Black Nurses Association.

- Coordinator and participant in the New England Baptist Retreats.

- Coordinator in organizing transportation (March on Washington) in 1963.

- Pilgrimage with disciples of First Baptist Church to Israel and Egypt to further enhance her biblical studies.

-Community Service:

- Assisted with organizing individuals to pray and assist and give solace to the friends and families of the 2001 September 11th tragedy.

- Organized team distribution for Katrina disaster (clothing and water).

God be the Glory!

Reverend Edith Gibson Rodgers


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